Jain Shikanji Owner


Jain Shikanji Owner

Who is owner of Jain shikanji ?

Jain Shikanji owner is a well-known person, He is a hard-working person who is adaptable to change and always works hard to keep their customers satisfied. Anubhav Jain is very kind & friendly with his staff. He was born in a Jain family He provides a friendly environment to his workers and appreciates them for their work. And his staff f is always happy with his polite behavior.

The famous Jain shikanji has many outlets in Modinagar. He is a well-known businessman in Delhi NCR. We’ve been serving people for the past 83 years. He always comes to the shop to check the facilities of the shop for customers and drink quality.

The notable Jain shikanji has various outlets in Modinagar. There’s not one Jain Shikanji that exists. The first Jain Shikanji owner is Anubhav Jain. He is an eminent monetary expert in Delhi NCR. He was brought into the world in the Jain family and he is a piece of the Legacy of Jain Shikanji’s business.

His Great Grandfather had started this business of Jain Shikanji. Anubhav Jain didn’t leave the question of his family, he had continued with this business. This business Jain Shikanji is the custom of the Jain family.

Anubhav Jain is incredibly kind and heartfelt with his staff. He gives a very much arranged environment to his workers and values them for their work. His staff is constantly satisfied with his kind approach to acting. He generally gives the best quality refreshments to the clients.

He is from Ghaziabad, India. Jain Shikanji is the tradition of the Jain family. Anubhav Jain ought to be valued for the quality as well as the flavor of Jain Shikanji. Their fiery lemon drinks are renowned across India.

He is a dedicated individual who is versatile to change and consistently endeavors to keep their clients fulfilled. He is an extraordinary pioneer who gives a well disposed climate to his laborers while assisting the specialist with developing.

Why Jain Shikanji?

We are very much aware of the various advantages of Jain Shikanji. From being a refreshment to a light beverage in an eatery, Jain Shikanji Modinagar fills the need for many beverages in one. For weight watchers, this is one sound beverage they ought to add to their ordinary rundown.

Jain Shikanji contains 4 fundamental fixings: water, salt, sugar, and new lemon juice. While the medical advantages of these four fixings are endless independently, consolidated they structure a strong beverage to assist your body with detoxifying productively.

The lemon juice in Jain Shikanji will assist with separating the loss in our gastrointestinal system. Typically, weight reduction consumes fewer calories the central concern with numerous health food nuts is a stoppage. Jain Shikanji will assist with countering what is happening.

Other than this, lemons are extraordinary wellsprings of nutrients and minerals and will guarantee that your resistance isn’t impacted despite being on a weight reduction system.

The salt and sugar present in Jain Shikanji will assist you with expanding your digestion and keep the potassium and sodium levels in your body in line. One more significant downside of most eating regimens is supplement lack and subsequent loss of energy. Drinking Jain Shikanji will assist with countering this impediment too.

Jain shikanji contact number:



Head Office:

NH-58, Kadrabad, Near Keshav Garden Farm House, Modinagar (UP)

Jain Shikanji Franchise Cost:

Jain shikanji franchise cost Rs.16,00,000- Rs.60,00,000 as an initial investment depending upon the business model.

Jain Shikanji Owner

Jain Shikanji Owner

Jain Shikanji Owner